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Professional Negligence

H.G. Donnelly & Son Solicitors represents individuals who have been the victim of professional negligence.
Professional negligence occurs when an individual hires a person to undertake a task or job that the individual doesn’t have the skills or expertise to carry out on their own.
The hired professional is expected to be competent and perform the task to an expected standard. The professional must also recognise the duty of care they have to the individual.

In cases where the work carried out or the advice that was given was not up to an expected standard and/or if the hired professional acted in a negligent manner -- that led to the individual suffering a loss -- then the individual is entitled to seek legal compensation.

Have you suffered a loss due to professional negligence? Please get in contact with H.G. Donnelly & Son Solicitors today.

Professional Negligence Solicitors Kildare

In Ireland, there is a huge spectrum of individuals who could be categorised as professionals.
H.G. Donnelly & Son Solicitors has represented numerous clients and sought compensation against professionals in a variety of industries.

Professional negligence is where a professional acted in a negligent manner.  

Sub-standard workmanship or bad advice, that directly contributed to an injury or a financial loss can be classified as professional negligence.

Our expert professional negligence solicitors, can usually advise clients whether the incident in question falls under the remit of professional negligence and advise if it is their interests to seek legal redress.