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Family Law

H.G. Donnelly & Son Solicitors provides expert legal advice and legal representation on all aspects of family law.

Family law is oftentimes an extremely sensitive and complex area.
A variety of factors, circumstances and details must be considered before a satisfactory conclusion for both parties can be sought.
In contentious areas like separations, the issues that need to be addressed can include ownership of the family home, distribution of assists, finances, maintenance and access to children, child custody, pensions and succession issues.

H.G. Donnelly & Son Solicitors forgoes jargon, instead, we provide advice on all aspects of family law in straight-forward English.

To discuss any aspect of family law with one of our experienced family law solicitors, get in contact with H.G. Donnelly & Son Solicitors today.

Family Law Solicitors Kildare

Our team of family law solicitors oversee all aspects of this complex area of law.
Our family law legal expertise includes advice and legal representation on:

  • Separations

  • Divorces

  • Maintenance

  • Guardianships

  • Child Custody

  • Child Access

  • Pension Distribution

  • Asset Distribution (Following a Divorce)

  • Co-Habitation

  • Civil Partnerships

  • Taxation

H.G. Donnelly & Son Solicitors understands how sensitive some of these areas can be. We offer a professional, straight-forward (where possible), and fully confidential family law legal service.