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Employment Law

H.G. Donnelly & Son Solicitors works in close conjunction with employers all over Kildare. We advise on all aspects of employment law.
With decades of experience in all aspects of employment law, we have represented and advised both employers and employees.

For additional information on our employment law legal services, please schedule a consultation with H.G. Donnelly & Son Solicitors today.


Employment Law: Employer

Employers have a duty of care to all their employers and are also bound by industry-specific laws, regulations and compliances.
The failure of an employer to comply with these laws, procedures and compliances may result in legal action.
We represent employers at all stages of a dispute. We have represented and safeguarded employer’s interests at the Workplace Relations Commission, during mediation procedures and at the Employment Appeals tribunal.

We also offer proactive employment law legal services that include assisting in drafting legally compliant documents and contracts.


Employment Law: Employee

We have decades of experience working with employees who have decided to seek legal action against a current or former employer.

We can advise and represent individuals who feel as though they have been bullied in the workplace, unfairly dismissed or discriminated against on the grounds of race, sexual orientation, religion, etc.

Do you feel as though you have been unfairly dismissed or have you been discriminated against in the workplace? Please, schedule a consultation at our Kildare Solicitors firm today.