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Property Damage

Property Damage

H.G. Donnelly & Son Solicitors assists individuals whose property has been damaged due to the negligence of a third party.
Our team of Kildare property damage solicitors helps clients receive the legal redress they deserve following damage to their home, business premises, private vehicles or commercial vehicles.

Filing an insurance claim following damage to property can be a stressful and oftentimes confusing process.
Insurance law -- along with the terms and conditions that the client has initially agreed to -- can seem opaque and difficult to follow.

Our team of solicitors cut-though the jargon and work directly with the client’s insurance company, ensuring the clients receives the appropriate amount of compensation.

We can also advise on seeking compensation from a negligent third party who was to blame for the damage.

To schedule a consultation with our property damage solicitors, please get in contact with our Kildare offices today.

Property Damage Solicitors Kildare

While overseeing your insurance claim we provide:

  • A full and frank assessment of all aspects of the claim

  • Clear, concise and practical advice

  • We submit all information to the insurance company on your behalf

  • Professional overseeing and handling of all insurance company queries

  • Professional overseeing and handling of all insurance company queries

  • A commitment to achieving the best possible settlement on your behalf